Safehouse (House of Hope)

The House of Hope is a community of hidden apartments where survivors of sexual exploitation and threatened forced abortion, as well as those at high-risk (teen runaways, young unwed mothers), who need to be hidden for their safety, may receive on-site care and participate in a healing and restorative program. The apartments are designated as intensive care (those who have recently been rescued from the sex industry) or transitionary (those who are now safe and moving toward independence). Most of our clients arrive pregnant or with a baby in their arms.

Through partnerships with other like-minded organizations such as Teen Challenge Korea and Handong Arise Legal Clinic, in addition to ensuring physical safety, we aim to provide the following.


  • Psychological assessment and counseling
  • Health exams and doctor (including prenatal if appropriate) visits
  • Therapy (art, gardening, acupressure)


  • Family reconciliation
  • Visa, passport, child custody and other legal issues


  • Language acquisition (Korean and/or English)
  • Freedom and restoration from life-controlling addictions (Teen Challenge program)
  • Bradley Natural Childbirth (for pregnant clients)


  • Bible studies (Father`s Heart/ Hashim, other)
  • Church community
  • Prayer
  • Spiritual mentoring


  • Employment at Sanctuary Restored (WHC`s social enterprise) (or other)
  • Ensure survivors are not at risk of being re-trafficked or co-erced into entering the sex industry
  • Help with finding independent housing upon “graduation”
  • Regular follow-up post-exit
WHC does not discriminate eligibility for application to the House of Hope between unwed mothers and divorced, single mothers with babies, nor between native Koreans and foreign nationals.