Crisis Pregnancy Counseling Center (CPC)

In May of 2012, the first Crisis Pregnancy Counseling Center in Korea was born.

Unlike other pregnancy help centers (usually associated with or within adoption agencies) where women seek help only after they have chosen to give birth to their babies, we try to reach them while they are still abortion-vulnerable, whether they are choosing abortion or an abortion is being forced upon them.

Our first contact with women in desperate need of help is often through our crisis pregnancy center. Many frightened women and young girls who have no one to ask for help will reach out to our counselors via the confidential, anonymous online chat on our outreach websites solely for clients.

We have found that pregnancy or fear of a potential pregnancy provides a sensitive window of opportunity for making a connection with these women. If she is in an unsafe, sexually exploitative situation, the knowledge that another life is dependent upon her tends to provides just the courage she needs to seek help.

Oftentimes girls contact us who are extremely fearful and suicidal. Many are teenagers.

She may be seeking information on abortion thinking that it is her only option.
She may be running from family who are forcing an abortion.
She may have just found out that she is pregnant but is already in her third trimester and needing shelter (some want help with the adoption process and others need advocacy from family who are forcing her to choose adoption against her will.)

Most are teenagers or in their early twenties and unwed.
Most are abandoned by parents and/or the father of the baby (or in the case where the father of the baby was a customer, she does not know who he is).

WHC also provides post-abortion grief counseling, sexual integrity counseling and referrals to other appropriate service sectors such as shelters for victims of domestic abuse.

Online Chat Counseling Sites
www.whckorea.co.kr [English]

Counseling via Email
contact at whckorea.org

054-241-4673 (HOPE) [Nationwide]
02-570-7811 [Seoul]